Welcome to the SAGGA Alternative Rally booking page. You might have stumbled here and not really be sure what it is you're booking on to. Well SAGGA’s Alternative Rally is a resurrected event aimed at recent Graduates whose time in SSAGO may (or may not) be drawing to an end but as with all SAGGA events any member of SAGGA is welcome.

This year Alternative Rally will be 13-15th October at Alfrey Activity Centre Broadwater (Warwickshire CV7 7HR) and it will cost £30. For those who aren’t driving we can do station pick ups from from Birmingham International on request.

The event won’t follow the exact format of a Rally and as such we aren’t asking you to book onto an activity on Saturday afternoon, however we will have lots of ideas for things to do in the area with signup sheets available so that people can see who wants to go do the same thing.

There will be some entertainment on the Saturday evening but until we have a better idea of numbers we’ll be keeping that a secret.

In terms of food, just like rally, all of your food for the weekend is provided. However, we hope to provide a higher quality of food now that we’re no longer students and can afford the slightly finer things in life! This means there will be food from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime.

Unlike Rally we will have no staff so everyone will be expected to pitch in and help, again there will be signup sheets available. Many hands make light work so you won’t find yourself bogged down with lots of jobs - don’t let it put you off!

Hopefully this sounds like your sort of event and you’ll continue to the booking page!

Book now!